Norman City Council To Announce Vaccine Incentive With $25,000 Grand Prize

Tuesday, August 24th 2021, 6:42 am
By: Caleb Califano

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

The Norman City Council will vote on a resolution strongly encouraging wearing masks and getting vaccinated against COVID-19. 

They will also be announcing a new incentive program with a large grand prize. 

Norman City Council would be following a similar resolution made by Oklahoma City; however, the incentive program is something they hope will catch peoples' eye. 

Starting on August 31st, Norman is teaming up with the Cleveland County Health Department for first city-sponsored pod. 

Anyone there who signs up and gets a shot will have the chance to win tickets to the season opener for the Sooners. 

The grand prize is a total of $25,000. 

"People are kind of stunned that it is $25,000. But that is how serious we are about getting people vaccinated and getting past this pandemic," said Norman Mayor Breea Clark. 

Mayor Clark said people who have already been vaccinated will be able to enter the grand prize drawing as well. 

However, she does say they will work out the details on that, and the full plan, at Tuesday's city hall meeting at 6:30.