EMSA Sees Jump In Calls As Temperatures Expected To Soar To Triple Digits

Monday, August 23rd 2021, 9:13 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A heat advisory is in effect and Green Country is expecting more temperatures in the triple digits.

There's already been 383 heat related calls in Green Country this year, compared to the 282 from last year. 

"I think we are trying to figure out if people are going to heed the warnings or is it starting to sound like a broken record, so it's just as important today to really respect the heat," said Adam Paluka with EMSA. 

Paluka said the best thing to do if you have to be outside is making sure you are hydrating 48 hours beforehand, and wear light colored, loose fitting clothing. 

Paluka said some people wait too long before acknowledging symptoms of heat exhaustion. 

"It's actually their body trying to tell them that the heat is really affecting them, and they need to take a break, and get into the air conditioning," he said. 

At John 3:16 Mission, there's a cooling station for anyone who might need to stop in to cool down. There's a water cooler for people to get a drink, and a place to sit to stay out of the heat. 

"Most people understand that this one is here for the homeless, but we do have a lot of people who come in, some people just pass through," Reverend Steve Whitaker said. 

Whitaker said it's important to look out for each other, and if you see someone who looks like they might be overheated, call for help. 

"Having lost everything and going through that loss and missing everybody that you've ever loved and cared about and then going out and getting too hot, the least we can do is make sure somebody is hydrated and gets cooled off," Whitaker said.