WATCH: Dashcam Video Shows Wild Chase Of Handcuffed Man Fleeing Edmond Police On ATV

Wednesday, August 11th 2021, 10:49 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

A dramatic end to a half hour pursuit involving a stolen ATV was captured on police cameras.

It started in Jones and ended with the suspect wiping out in Logan County.

While it seemed like the road couldn't run out for suspect Lucas Strider, his luck did when he tried to maneuver around a road block.

Police: We're at Edmond Road and Santa Fe. He's cutting through the parking lot of the station here.

Emond police were in hot pursuit of the ATV Tuesday.

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Police: Looks like he's going to run through the red light. Now we're westbound, now he's south.

As the chase stretched on, information trickled in about the man leading the chase.

Dispatch: We believe he is an escaped, convicted felon escaped from a Jones officer on a stolen four-wheeler.

As he dangerously weaved in and out of traffic, the officer noticed something unusual about the driver.

Police: Looks like he's operating this ATV with just one arm, I don't know if his left arm is handicapped or broke or something.        

Jones police said Strider escaped just as they handcuffed him in connection with a burglary.

Officers said he stole the ATV.

Dispatch: The owner said it had about half a tank of gas when he stole it.

Strider led police on a bumpy ride over gravel and dirt roads.

Then, twenty minutes after the chase started, it ended.

Dispatch: Logan County will block him.

Police: And he crashed. Hands on the ground! Get on the ground!   

Police: Stick your hands out straight in front of you.

Strider: [Moaning.]           

Covered in mud Strider was able to walk away.

Police: What's your name?  

Strider: Sir, my first name is Lucas.        

Before the chase-- Strider was initially arrested, accused of stealing catalytic converters and scrap metal.