OKC Mom Expresses Concern In Sending Her Children Back To School

Monday, August 9th 2021, 5:38 pm
By: Ashley Holden


The Oklahoma City Public Schools District welcomed 30,000 students back to class Monday and thousands more are getting ready to return in the coming weeks.

With COVID-19 a concern, leaders with OKCPS said they are ready to adjust if needed.

"I didn't realize until today how excited I was walking down the halls," said Rockwood Elementary Principal Paula Pluess.

Teachers and students are still ready and excited to get back to the classroom.

For two of the six Jennings kids they are experiencing that first day of school excitement for the first time.

Until now the Oklahoma City family had been homeschooling.

"We are really nervous about it," said mom Cierra Jennings. "We are less nervous because we just had COVID."

Jennings said she's vaccinated, and her husband was also when he caught COVID while on a work trip. All of her kids also got the virus, but she avoided getting sick.

"Mostly it was not a very big deal and for that to not get any worse we are lucky," said Jennings.

But she doesn't want to test that luck in the future.

Jennings said the Classen SAS principal did make her feel a little more secure before the first day.

"He said that he promises to wear a mask until all of the students there have an opportunity to be vaccinated," said Jennings.

Right now, none of her kids are eligible for the vaccine, but she's hoping others take masking seriously.

Jennings is also encouraging people to write to their local representatives and believes SB 658 was a mistake.

OKCPS leaders are urging people to mask up, get vaccinated and also quarantine if needed.

"It gives us more of a chance as a school system to stay open and keep our kids in school," said OKCPS Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel.

He said right now they are playing by the rules given by the state and Gov. Kevin Stitt.

"We can't mandate a mask," said Supt. McDaniel. "We would like to, but we will follow his lead."