OKCPS Welcomes 30,000 Students Back To School On Monday

Monday, August 9th 2021, 7:29 am
By: Caleb Califano


Oklahoma City Public Schools is welcoming about 30,000 students back to five days a week in the classroom to start.

District leaders said they're prioritizing three things: masking up, getting vaccinated and quarantining appropriately.

They think that combination will allow them to keep students in class.

For the district this year, the in-person student and teacher experience are important. Superintendent Sean McDaniel said it helps the children with their overall learning.

"My biggest hope is always that we get to keep that relationship between the student and the classroom teacher intact. That's where the magic happens between teacher and kids in the classroom," said McDaniel.

Face masks are not required due to a new state law, but the district is urging students and staff to wear them inside the classroom and on the bus.

While the district is enthusiastic about returning to in-person learning, they are prepared to return to an A/B schedule if cases continue to rise and the Oklahoma City-County Health Department directs them to.

They are also prepared to return to virtual learning, if needed.

McDaniel said they have exactly enough bus drivers for all 125 bus routes Monday morning, but they can always use more.

He said OKCPS pays their bus drivers the most, and people can contact if they are interested.