Former Miss Oklahoma, Sports Agent Releases New Book

Thursday, August 5th 2021, 4:22 pm
By: Kelsey Kernstine

Kelli Masters is a renowned sports agent, an attorney, winner of Miss Oklahoma in 1997 and now, an author.

Masters newly published book is out this week. It’s titled "High Impact Life: A Sports Agent's Secrets to Finding and Fulfilling a Purpose You Can't Lose."

Master said she often hears, "Oh, you're a sports agent. That's a dream job, and I thought, they don't know the whole story.”

It took Masters many years of hard work and determination to make it where she is now, constantly defying the odds.

In Master’s book, the reader will learn about “Kelli-isms,” which are nuggets she teaches her athletes each and every day to encourage them and help them grow athletically and personally.

Masters said finding your own gifts is much more important than trying to be someone you're not. She encourages her athletes to fight in their own armor.

"The truth is we don't need what other people have to be successful in what we're called to do. We just need to walk in our own armor and do what we were born to do,” she said.

Her book also teaches people how to redefine success, especially since an average football player's career is just three to four years.

"I think we can all get lost in what we do,” Masters said.

Masters explains it’s so important to understand we are not what we do. A career is just a part of your life.

Her favorite message from the book is the following:

"Every single imperfect or unpleasant or unbearable event in your life, gives you an opportunity to give up and grow."

Masters recommends her book to people of all ages and stages in their life, especially those who are looking to find purpose and meaning.

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