‘I Would Be Dead’: Moore Couple Thankful For Vaccine As They Experience Breakthrough Infection

Wednesday, August 4th 2021, 5:57 pm
By: Ashley Holden

MOORE, Oklahoma -

We know breakthough infections are possible. That's the case for one metro couple who was fully vaccinated.

Phillip Rowland and his wife Christen are both 35, fully vaccinated but now COVID positive.

The couple feels like their outcome would be much different without the vaccine.

"Do you think if you hadn't gotten a vaccine, you would be on a ventilator or seeing some of these other things that we’re seeing?" asked News 9's Ashley Holden.

"I think he would," said Christen.

"I would be dead," said Phillip.

That's how the couple feels after about a week since Phillip started feeling sick. He, his wife and two of their four young kids tested positive for COVID. The older two children, also fully vaccinated, both tested negative.

Phillip, who has had other health issues and has asthma, is the only one showing major symptoms.

"He actually went to the hospital yesterday because he wasn't getting better and he got diagnosed with COVID-related pneumonia," said Christen. "I mean they told him that there were no beds here."

The couple was told if Phillip came back, he would probably be sent to Colorado.

News 9 reached out to Integris, the hospital system where the Moore couple went. Staff said right now they have no available ICU beds in the state or in adjacent states either.

Other hospital systems in the metro like Mercy said they are also full and about half of their patients have COVID.

OU Health said they are tight on ICU beds but some of that is due to other issues, like trauma and RSV.

"If they are admitted it’s usually because they have a comorbidity," said OU Children's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Cameron Mantor.

He said breakthrough infections that result in a hospitalization are still extremely rare and are usually due to underlying health issues.

"Those that are and are sick in the hospital 98% or more are all non-vaccinated," said Mantor.

He wants to make sure that everyone knows the vaccine is safe and effective.

Phillip's message, take the virus seriously and think about it in a different way.

"The doctors tell me I'm OK, I'm mild," said Phillip. "Shut up and wear your mask. Stop making it political."