MAPS 4 Fairgrounds Arena, Paycom Center Improvements Among First Projects To Tackle In Timeline Update

Tuesday, August 3rd 2021, 8:01 pm
By: Karl Torp


We now know which of the 16 MAPS 4 projects will break ground first.

Within the year, we'll see construction at the fairgrounds and inside the newly named Paycom arena.

The Jim Norick Arena at the fairgrounds is 56 years old.

The city has deemed its $88 million replacement so essential, it started addressing it before MAPS 4.

"City Council had allocated money in MAPS 3 for the designs,” said MAPS program manager David Todd.

The old arena will be torn down.

Todd said construction on the new fairgrounds coliseum should begin next year and be completed in 2024.

Other projects aren't expected to begin construction for another 1 to 2 years.

“There’re whole lot of projects that will happen at the beginning of the program, but they require some architectural engineering, some planning out,” added Todd.

Meanwhile $105 million in improvements to the 19-year-old Paycom Center are also coming quicker than the other MAPS 4 projects.

“Remember the arena is getting kind of up there in age in respect to elevators. and mechanical systems,” said Todd.

The first phase of improvements to the Paycom Center will be done next year.

According to this proposed MAPS 4 schedule:

The first mental health crisis center would be completed in 2025.

The multi-purpose stadium would be done in 2026.

Bus Rapid Transit would be done in 2029, making it one of the last MAPS 4 projects to be competed.