Officials Investigate Cause Of Bristow Tire Recycling Plant Fire; Plant In Ongoing Lawsuit

Tuesday, August 3rd 2021, 12:30 pm
By: Amy Avery

BRISTOW, Oklahoma -

Emergency crews are keeping an eye on the Bristow Tire Recycling Plant, more than 18 hours after a large fire broke out there and burned through the day.

This is the third fire at the plant this year and the Bristow Industrial Authority has already filed legal action against the company running it. 

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Bristow Fire is working with the Stare Fire Marshals Office to figure out the cause of this fire, but they said there wasn’t a fuel source nearby so they believe someone might’ve set it. 

Bristow Fire Crews were called out to the plant near Highway 66 and 369th West Avenue just after 3 a.m. Monday. Bristow Fire Chief Charles Conkling said the fire started on the furthest east point of the property and it was difficult for firefighters to get to. 

“We’ve checked it out and checked it out with the Fire Marshal and couldn’t find anything else that could’ve done it, other than human error or the intent was to burn it, but we don’t know what the intent was,” said Chief Conkling. 

The Bristow Industrial Authority, which owns part of the land the tire plant is on, filed a Forcible Entry and Detainer Action against Oklahoma Tire Recyclers, LLC and BFP Management, LLC on February 4th of this year. The lawsuit also said the companies owe about $150,000 in past due rent. 

Bristow City Attorney Beth Anne Childs said the case was set to be tried on July 30, but as part of settlement negations Oklahoma Tire Recyclers tentatively agreed to remove all buildings, equipment and tires from the property. 

“Some of the things we would be looking for would be having them move off the premises, to do clean up, pay past due rent and ensure there’s nothing harmful left,” said Childs. 

The Bristow Fire Department has responded to the plant at least 14 times since 2018. One of the most notable fires was in May of this year. 

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Bristow Mayor Rick Pinson said his heart goes out to those working there. 

“It’s heartbreaking for me being the mayor to wake up in the morning to a phone call saying, one of your businesses is on fire and the first thing is, oh man, I think about the people losing their jobs,” said Pinson. 

“This situation remains a priority with the Industrial Authority and the City of Bristow and its representatives will continue to work diligently to address the problems associated with the tire recycling plant operations,” said Childs. 

News on 6 reached out to the attorney representing Oklahoma Tire Recyclers and BFP Management, which were both named in the lawsuit, and has not heard back yet. 

The Bristow Industrial Authority’s next meeting is on August 16.