Caught On Camera: Burglar In Disguise Stealing Cash From Enid Restaurant

Thursday, July 29th 2021, 10:37 pm
By: News 9

ENID, Oklahoma -

Enid police said a burglary suspect in a disguise was covered in layers, despite the scorching weather.

The surveillance video indicated the suspect knew the code to the safe full of cash. They rode off on a bicycle after allegedly taking thousands of dollars.

“The burglar was dressed in multiple layers of clothing, a blonde wig, as well as a hooded sweatshirt,” said Cass Rains with the Enid Police Department.

On July 24 the general manager of Colton’s Steakhouse and Grill called Enid police. Over $3,000 in cash was taken from the safe, investigators said.

“It’s our belief that the multiple layers of clothing was intended to disguise their body type,” said Rains.

One thing they didn’t hide was their non-slip shoes. The manager of the restaurant did not want to go on camera but thinks it could be an inside job.

“They rode up to the restaurant to a side entrance on a bicycle and then fled from the business after spending about three minutes inside,” said Rains.

Surveillance video showed the person inside the office, with a piece of paper as they opened the safe. Once it was open, they stashed the cash in a bag and left.

“More than likely, this was an inside job from either a current or former employee of the restaurant,” he said. 

Another odd note police picked up on was that the person was able to avoid showing their face in any of the cameras.

“This person could be facing breaking and entering but definitely burglary just because of the amount of money taken,” said Rains.

The suspect wore black gloves, leaving no fingerprints at the scene.

Police said they do have a few suspects but need the public’s help narrowing down the search.