Something Good: The Village Preschool Starts Free Food And Book Pantries To Teach Kids About Giving

Thursday, July 29th 2021, 6:54 pm
By: News 9

THE VILLAGE, Oklahoma -

Alicia Statts and Tyra Worsham opened Westchester Preschool at 2216 Westchester Drive in The Village, a little over two years ago. This month with a focus on giving back to the community they started a food pantry as well as a library. 

The school and daycare were started as an option for nontraditional schooling. It was originally started with 3 kids now there’s a two-year waiting list. 

They adopted July as a month for giving back to the community and agreed upon a food pantry. 

“All of our kids get so excited to see people. They get so excited to see someone walk up,” Banks said. 

In addition to the food pantry, the preschool students also wanted to give away books. 

“They wanted to pick out some of their favorites from our library and share them with kids around here,” Stotts said. 

The kids even brought books from their own homes to give out to the community.  

“They’re like that’s that little boy that lives down the road, he just got one of our books. And they like try to peek out to see which one he took,” Stotts said. 

The students have played a major role in keeping the pantry and library stocked. Thanks to a Facebook post from a community member, it didn’t take long for members of the community to pitch in and do the same. 

“People have been donating, also. Food, books, asking what they can donate,” Stotts said. 

The ladies said the students have learned how important it is to be generous. 

“They think it is the best thing ever. Someone dropped off some food earlier and they were cheering. They were like yay that’s so great,” Worsham said. 

“They all check every single morning to see if anyone has taken anything, if anyone has brought something new,” Stotts said. 

Next up, the preschool plans to add toys and clothes to the items they provide.