Bethany Family's Nightmare A Reality After ME’s Office Identifies Missing Loved One’s Remains

Thursday, July 29th 2021, 6:23 pm
By: News 9

BETHANY, Oklahoma -

A Bethany family's worst nightmare became reality when they learned their missing loved one’s remains were identified.

Bethany police officials said on Thursday the state medical examiner’s office positively identified skeletal remains found in June were that of 43-year-old Clifton Taylor. The victim’s brother also confirmed the tragic news. 

A relative cleaning out the Bethany home near Northwest 36th and Mueller Avenue made the gruesome discovery in the family's backyard. He discovered a decomposed body buried in a shallow grave.

“When officers and detectives did arrive, they located the human remains,” said Lt. Angelo Orefice, Bethany Police Department.  

A family member told News 9 at the time; they feared the remains were Taylor’s. They also suspected a relative was behind the man's death. The victim's brother said on Thursday Taylor died the same week their mother passed away.

“Mr. Taylor’s mother lived at the residence as well as Mr. Taylor’s brother had lived there and nephew,” said Orefice.  

It took the state medical examiner over a month to determine the remains were Taylor. Bethany police said it will also take time for the ME to find the final piece of the puzzle.

“You know we can’t file charges on the case until we actually find out it’s a homicide or not,” said Orefice. “That’s kind of stalled out the investigation.”  

Part of the investigation included interviewing witnesses who called police to the home. 

“I believe since the first of the year there were like 18 to 21, I believe,” said Orefice. “Domestics or assaults or drug trafficking or anything like that happened at the residence.”

Orefice said details of the investigation are under wraps until more news comes from the ME's office.

“Detectives don’t want to release much right now until they have a cause and manner of death determined,” said Orefice.

Taylor’s brother told News 9 he believes he knows what happened to his brother and who may be responsible.