Rogers Co. Man Accused Of Beating Pregnant Wife, Sharing Videos Of Abuse Online: 'Absolutely Disturbing'

Thursday, July 29th 2021, 5:11 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter


Rogers County deputies arrest a man accused of beating his pregnant wife, but they quickly learned the victim had been missing from out of state for three years.

Then, investigators say they found dozens of videos on the internet of James Saroka mentally and emotionally abusing his wife.

Investigators tell News On 6 that this is a dark story that just keeps getting darker.

In the videos posted to social media, Saroka repeatedly yells and cusses at the victim, calls her names and berates her.

Investigators say Saroka completely cut her off from the outside world. But because of Oklahoma law, Saroka is only in jail on a misdemeanor.

Below are some of the things Saroka says in videos posted to social media:

“You’re going to do better, be better or you’re going to #%$& off.”

“You are going to get kicked out. I am going to call the police and let them know I’m abusing you.

“Stop looking at me. I don’t want your looks. I don’t want you watching my screen. I genuinely want to block you.”

“I hit a woman. So forgiveness is kind of a necessity.”

Rogers County deputies call the videos and the way he talks to the victim, absolutely disturbing.

“You let me talk. You be quiet and pretend like I abuse you. Because you think you won right now,” said Saroka in a video.

In another video, Saroka says, “You’re choosing to be a victim. So go be a victim.”

“You can see the mental and emotional abuse that he’s exposed her to,” said Deputy Wheeler Dorsey with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office. “The whole way he’s just been digging his hooks into her deeper. Brainwashing her.”

Deputies say a witness saw Saroka beating on his pregnant wife as they were walking along Highway 20 in Claremore on Sunday.

When deputies got there, Saroka refused to talk to them, and the victim kept asking Saroka for permission to talk.

That’s when deputies knew something was wrong and say she showed signs of battered women’s syndrome.

“It’s a textbook example of it. She’s afraid of talking to the outside world. She has no control over finances, she has no control over what she can do or where she can go,” said Deputy Dorsey.

Deputies later learned the victim's family had been searching for her for the last three years.

They say Saroka and the victim have been traveling around the country living in hotels.

“As prosecutors, it’s hard when we see what we consider violent crimes that are classified as non-violent and domestic abuse on a pregnant woman is a perfect example that,” said Rogers County District Attorney Matt Ballard.

There has been a movement on social media lately calling for Saroka to be removed from the internet. The maximum punishment Saroka faces is a year in county jail and a fine.

News On 6 requested an interview with Saroka in jail but he declined.