Salon Owner Requires Masks To Keep Cancer Survivor Son Safe

Thursday, July 29th 2021, 6:39 pm
By: Erica Rankin


A local salon owner decided she isn't taking any chances and is taking a stand to protect the health and safety of those closest to her.

Adrienne Peters said she has decided to bring back masks for employees and clients, she mentioned the reason isn't political, it's personal.

"We are all fully vaccinated here, and a large majority of our clients are vaccinated," Peters said. "So, we did forego masks for a little bit."

That was until recently when cases kept rising and the state's vaccination rate wasn't increasing.

Peters said the tough decision was made to avoid giving COVID-19 to those who can't get vaccinated yet or to those who are immunocompromised like her 15-year-old son who just beat cancer.

"He had stage three lymphoma," Peters said. "He had a tumor the size of a football in his stomach, and he kicked it's ass and he beat it."

Peters said her clients were understanding.

"If I can wear a mask for 10 hours a day with a blow dryer in my face, I feel like they can wear it for an hour to get a haircut," Peters said.

When she mentioned the idea to her staff, she said there was some pushback because they had been vaccinated and doing what they were supposed to through the whole pandemic.

"My girls are just now starting to have a social life again," Peters said. "So, it was scary for them to think we are going backwards."

Peters said she encourages other business to do the same until more Oklahomans get vaccinated.

"If it saves anyone, I feel like it is the right thing to do," Peters said.