Programs Available For Tulsa Tenants As Eviction Moratorium Nears Expiration

Wednesday, July 28th 2021, 9:11 pm
By: William Blanchette

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Even though the CDC eviction moratorium is ending this weekend, there is help available to help tenants pay rent and utilities, so they won't have to worry about evictions.

Nonprofits like Restore Hope Ministries said just because the federal moratorium is ending, doesn't mean assistance is.

Landlord Scott Gordon hasn't evicted anyone since the start of the pandemic. He said with so much help out there, he doesn't see any reason for landlords to evict their tenants when the moratorium ends.

“I ask them, what can you pay, and I actually have lowered the rent on several of the units,” Gordon said.

Gordon works with nonprofits like Restore Hope Ministries through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The program has helped more than 1,400 households and a thousand landlords since its creation in March.

"We distributed over a million dollars last week, so the funds are going out quickly. When the moratorium ends, we are going to speed up as fast as possible because we want to make sure people get the help that they need,” Executive Director Jeff Jaynes said.

Jaynes said if landlords choose to evict, they won't be able to help. 

"If someone does have an eviction, then that escalates our process, so we speed it up, but we need to know about it,” Jaynes said.

Gordon believes communication between landlords and tenants can help ease the fear of eviction.

Restore hope ministries plans to hire more staff to help with the growing need for rent assistance. You can find help by clicking here.