Mother Speaks Out After Daughter Nearly Drowns At Pelican Bay

Wednesday, July 28th 2021, 3:58 pm
By: Hunter McKee

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

The mother of the girl who almost drowned at Pelican Bay spoke with News 9 and has a warning for other parents.

Jessica Phillips said she was at the water park in Edmond with her two daughters on Saturday when her 7-year-old asked to go down the slide.

"The pool requires you take your life jacket off when you go down the slide," said Phillips.

She said she saw her go toward the line and went to grab her other daughter out of the lazy river. When Phillips looked back towards the slide, she didn't see her daughter.  She then immediately started scanning the pool.

"I noticed there was a lifeguard blowing her whistle and pointing in the water," Phillips said.

Phillips ran over towards the lifeguard and saw her daughter motionless in the pool.  She jumped in, and a bystander was able to help bring her to the surface.

"I then put my head to her chest," Phillips said. "I didn't feel anything. I started compressions."

An off-duty EMT approached and took over CPR.

"Maybe a minute later, they yelled, 'It's a pulse! It's a pulse!'" said Phillips. "By the that time, the fire department was arriving."

Her daughter spent a few days recovering at OU Medical Center and is back home now. Phillips said she's grateful to those who stepped in to help, and she wants other parents to know this can happen to anybody.

"Accidents happen so fast," said Phillips. "I took my eyes off of her for 10 to 15 seconds and she disappeared."