Suspect Accused Of Driving Drunk In Crash That Killed 75-Year-Old Man In Newalla; 911 Calls Released

Tuesday, July 27th 2021, 10:15 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

A frantic call to 911 was made after a man accused of driving drunk struck another man just outside his home.

It happened Saturday night on South Peebly Rd.

911 caller: I'm so sorry he's just been hit by a car. It just hit him.  

Neighbors can be heard at the side of Clayton Lashley, 75.

911 caller: They hit the mailbox, they hit him, they hit his truck.    

According to investigators, Lashley was backing his pickup out of his driveway when a chair fell out. Despite turning on his headlights and flashers, he was struck by a pickup.

“He was trying to make himself as visible as he could, he was following the law and unfortunately is no longer with us,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Aaron Brilbeck.            

Ray Morgan was behind the wheel of the pickup.

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Investigators said Morgan continued to drive nearly 200 more feet after hitting Lashley, before stopping.

911 caller: Oh God, he knocked his shoes off! 

Dispatch: Is he breathing?  Is he breathing baby?   

Despite the desperate efforts to save his life, it was too late. Lashley died. Morgan later admitted to drinking before getting behind the wheel, deputies said.

“There is no excuse for driving drunk. There's taxi cabs, Uber, there's no excuse for driving drunk,” said Brilbeck.