Oklahoma Woman Receives Support From Family, Friends In Her Fight Against Cancer

Tuesday, July 27th 2021, 7:23 pm
By: Mike Glover

Back in February Susan Esco contracted COVID-19, but she continued to feel bad. So, her doctors ordered X-rays and they discovered she had stage three lung cancer. 

Doctors recommended she go to MD Anderson. So as Susan and her husband packed the dogs in preparation of moving to Houston for six weeks, about 50 of her friends had a prayer meeting with her in her home. 

Susan, who has always been a supporter for others, now found herself in one of her toughest battles.

“I won’t pretend that it wasn’t a struggle. It was difficult at times, sometimes more than others,” said Esco. 

Not one to complain, Esco used the opportunity to share her faith. And after six weeks of chemo and radiation she was able to ring the bell at MD Anderson signifying the end of her treatment. 

“I got to ring the bell early last Thursday morning. My daughter was with me and I got to ring the bell and then headed straight to the airport and back to Oklahoma City,” said Esco. 

When she arrived home, she arrived to a huge celebration of supporters.

“I was absolutely blown away when we turned the corner. I began to see cars around our home and balloons, and we drive up and there are my friends,” said Esco. 

The support of her family and friends was huge through the entire process.

“When someone is going through this, the gift of presence and just being there. The gift of prayer, cards food, just showing up in someone’s life can make this journey so much lighter,” said Esco. 

Susan is doing well and continues to fight to get her strength back. But with her faith in God and the support of her friends, she is determined to win this fight. 

Esco will now begin taking a targeted drug for the cancer for the next three years and will do follow-ups with MD Anderson in Houston. 

Susan is also passionate about prison ministry. She is on the board of Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform. Thursday she will receive the Charles Coleson Servant Award.