2 Kids Safe After Officials Say Citizen Helps Track Down Amber Alert, Murder Suspect

Tuesday, July 27th 2021, 5:10 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

Law enforcement said it was a citizen who helped get a murder suspect arrested within hours of an Amber Alert being issued.

The Amber Alert was issued for Sabrina Spurlock Monday night after deputies said she killed her father in Wagoner County then took off with her two kids.

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One person saw the alert, then spotted Spurlock’s car in a motel parking lot, three hours south of the scene. Deputies said Spurlock then led Caddo police officers on a short chase before she was arrested and taken to the Bryan County jail. 

“My original focus in this, and the most important thing I think in this was the wellbeing of these two children,” said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott. 

Sheriff Elliott said Spurlock was released from the Mayes County jail Monday afternoon, after being arrested for public intoxication, then went to her dad’s house. Officials said he had the kids with him after she was arrested. 

They said she demanded to have her kids back, then shot her dad with a shotgun and left with the kids. Shortly after, the Amber Alert went off. 

“Because of social media and cell phones and the ability we are able to do this, we were able to bring an end to this very, very quickly before someone else got hurt,” said Elliott. 

Sheriff Elliott is glad Spurlock was caught so quickly and said they train and prepare for situations like this. He said he’s proud of the team effort.

“I would encourage everyone in the public to do one thing when that Amber Alert goes out: look at it. Read it. Especially if there is a vehicle and tag number. Stop what you are doing and take a look around you. See what kind of vehicles are sitting next to you in an intersection, see what kind of vehicles are in that parking lot that you are shopping at. This is how we solve cases,” said Elliott. 

Elliott said everyone wants to know why the shooting happened, but he said there are still a lot of unanswered questions. 

“We have a father who is deceased, we have a daughter who is looking at first-degree murder charges, that’s very hurtful on both sides of the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody,” said Elliott. 

Spurlock has been charged with eluding and child neglect in Bryan county. She will eventually he brought back to Wagoner County. We’re told the children are back home safe with family.