Suspect Arrested, Accused Of Hitting & Killing Man On Side Of The Road In Newalla

Monday, July 26th 2021, 6:33 pm
By: Brittany Toolis

NEWALLA, Oklahoma -

A man was arrested, accused of hitting and killing a man on the side of the road. 

It happened on South Peebly Road over the weekend.

Investigators said the victim did everything he should have to let passing cars know he was on the road.

"This gentlemen's hazard lights were on. He was trying to make himself as visible as he could. He was following the law and unfortunately he's no longer with us," said Aaron Brilbeck, the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office's Public Information Officer.

Saturday night while Clayton Lashley of Newella backed out of his driveway a chair fell off his truck, investigators said. He got out to pick it up. 

Oklahoma County deputies said Ray Morgan drove down Peebly Road, hit a mailbox and then Lashley's car door.

“That's when apparently Mr. Morgan came alongside, drove in between where his [Lashley's] vehicle was and the ditch, slamming into Mr. Lashley, causing him to fly approximately 33 feet," said Brilbeck.

Lashley died at the scene. 

Investigators said evidence showed Morgan did not attempt to slow down before striking Lashley.

"There were no skid marks," said Brilbeck. "Ordinarily if there was about to be a crash and you're the one driving you see that there's a crash imminent you slam on the breaks as hard as you can, there's going to be skid marks."

Morgan came to a stop eventually over 100 ft. from the crash site and he stayed till deputies arrived. 

The police report showed deputies smelled alcohol on Morgan's breath and he slurred his words.

"He seemed unsteady on his feet, he had to be helped to the patrol car," said Brilbeck.

He eventually admitted to drinking before getting behind the wheel. 

"There are no excuses for driving drunk. There are taxi cabs, there's Uber, there's friends. There's actually no excuse for driving drunk," said Brilbeck.

Morgan was arrested on complaints of driving under the influence and vehicular homicide.