Boy Alerts Lifeguard After Finding Motionless Girl In Edmond Pool

Saturday, July 24th 2021, 11:31 pm
By: Hunter McKee

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

A young boy found a motionless toddler in an Edmond swimming pool Saturday afternoon.

Timber Stephens said she and her two sons were at the Pelican Bay Aquatic Center in Edmond, a place they've been to a number of times before.

Stephens’ 10-year-old, Asher Bingham, was swimming in the deep end of the pool, looking for goggles and sunglasses at the bottom.

What Bingham found instead was a motionless little girl.

"She wasn't moving," Bingham said. "It basically looked like she was passed out. Like asleep at the bottom of the pool."

Bingham got out of the pool quickly and found a nearby lifeguard.

"She started to blow her whistle to make everybody get out of the pool so she could get in really quick and save her,” Bingham said.

Stephens was in the middle of the pool with her other son when the chaos began. She said she saw Bingham waiving around trying to get people to move out of the way.

"Eventually, he ran over to me on the other side of the pool and was like, ‘Mom, I was the one that found her,’ and he was crying," Stephens said.

First responders quickly got to the pool and found the girl’s pulse. She was treated on scene and transported to a local hospital.

"It was very scary," Stephens sai. "It made it very real how quickly things can happen."

Officials said the young girl was breathing when they arrived on scene. They're hopeful she'll be OK.