Contract Worker Accused Of Trying To Sneak Contraband Into Oklahoma County Jail

Wednesday, July 21st 2021, 9:35 pm


Drugs, nicotine, and cellphones were smuggled into the Oklahoma County Detention Center. According to investigators, a contract worker is accused of attempting to bring in the contraband.

Djuan Pettway was arrested Monday while allegedly providing commissary items to inmates. A watchful employee sounded the alarm.

“We train these individuals to know if there's something just not right, say something,” said Mark Opgrande, Oklahoma County Detention Center spokesman. 

According to court records, Pettway was inside the jail Monday when investigators told contract workers they were subject to a pat search.

“We watched them on cameras when they were getting their commissary ready for the day,” said Opgrande.

Records showed Pettway was wearing a heavy coat.

“Someone wearing a large jacket when it's 95 degrees outside, it's a tip off. What are they trying to do?” said Opgrande.

A search of his jacket uncovered a stash.

“When they searched the jacket that's when they felt these three electrical tape bundle wraps,” said Opgrande.        

Inside the bundles were marijuana, loose leaf cigarettes, cell phones, cell phone chargers and ear buds.

And while keeping the contraband out is no easy task, officials said it was imperative.

“You don't want them on drugs, they can use this as currency, they can trade it,

they can communicate back and forth, maybe make plans,” said Opgrande.

Despite the number of staff, Opgrande said they remain on high alert.

“Some people think because of a staff shortage we're not going to be as vigilant. It's exactly the opposite,” said Opgrande.         

Pettway is facing several felony charges, including conspiracy