Metro Districts Prepare For The Start Of The School Year

Wednesday, July 21st 2021, 11:45 am


As students return to class next month for most of the metro, Norman and Oklahoma City public schools have both released safety plans for the fall semester.

The main takeaway: No mask mandates.

"We will begin school, going five days a week. We will not require a mask, but they are welcomed and encouraged," Norman Public Schools superintendent Dr. Nick Migliorino said.

"However, we strongly encourage all individuals to wear a mask, especially those unvaccinated,” Oklahoma City Public Schools assistant superintendent Brad Herzer said.

Norman Public School parents have the option for hybrid or total remote learning programs.

Quarantines have been largely eliminated from fully vaccinated students or those who wear masks are exempt.

Oklahoma City Public School parents are asked to screen students daily for high fevers and other symptoms, but the district highly encourages the COVID-19 vaccine.

OKCPS is hosting a clinic at U.S. Grant High tomorrow for kids 12 and older.

Both cited the measures on a new state law that prohibits schools from requiring masks for only unvaccinated students and staff.

Another law prevents schools from requiring students to be vaccinated for coronavirus.

Health officials said this will create a catalyst for the Delta variant to spread to unvaccinated individuals.

"The virus has mutated in such a way it has the ability to affect children much easier than the prior virus from last year," OU Health pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Donna Tyungu said.