Employ Oklahoma: How To Attract Employees

Monday, July 19th 2021, 2:41 pm
By: News 9


Employers are pulling out all the stops to try and get enough workers sometimes just to stay open. Recruiter Jason Reagan talked to us about what companies can do to what he calls "sell their sizzle."

At a Homeland job fair in June, they were conducting interviews and hiring on the spot. Knowing if they let a qualified candidate walk out the door they may get snapped up by another company. That sense of urgency is one thing Reagan recommends for companies competing for employees.

“We’re seeing that companies are doing a better job of communicating with the potential employee. They’re acting faster. They’re moving quicker. They’re understanding that there’s competition in the market,” says Reagan, a partner in Grit Resources https://www.gritjobs.com/, which focuses on general and skilled labor jobs, and Titan Resources, which deals with more professional jobs. https://www.titanprojobs.com/

Reagan says increasing pay, of course, can also help attract employees. But so can flexibility in when workers can start and end their day. And post pandemic, many workers found they enjoyed working from home and employers who can offer that may have an advantage.

“Definitely on the professional side we are seeing an increase or a change to candidates looking for remote work,” says Reagan.

Whatever makes a company special, hiring managers need to make sure they convey that story to the potential employee in a way they may not have had to before.

“I think people are looking for a good place to work. Where they treat you right, good pay, and you feel like you are part of something bigger. I don’t think that’s changed," he said.