OU Professor Found Alive After Going Missing On Hike In Nevada

Saturday, July 17th 2021, 7:29 pm

Breaking News Update - Saturday, July 17, 12:45 p.m.:

University of Oklahoma professor Ronald Bolen has been found alive and crews are now working to rescue him from the mountain where he was located.

According to officials, a group of hikers found him while they were out on a hike.

It is currently unclear where he was at the time the hikers found him.

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An OU professor has gone missing while on a hike in Nevada. His daughter told News 9 they are worried after not hearing from him in three days.

In an interview she described her father as a passionate teacher, avid hiker and role model.

“He really likes teaching. He likes…he likes facilitating ways for the students to learn in really interactive ways, he likes jokes, he likes to climb,” said Meredith Bolen.

In preparation of a big hike in California with friends, Ronald Bolen had been traveling around the country hiking. His last stop before California, Nevada.

“He should have met up with that group which he didn’t unfortunately,” she said.

His family is now living their worst nightmare after days with no word from Bolen who was climbing Boundary Peak.

“He texted he was going up, he got to the summit, he texted us at 3:05 is the last text that was received on Tuesday the 13th that he had reached the summit at 2:38 central standard time,” she said.

On July 14, 2021, the family filed a missing person’s report. Nevada authorities sent out four search teams, drones and helicopters.

“Just hold on…cause we’re doing everything we can,” said Meredith.

The University of Oklahoma sent a statement to News 9 saying:

“Professor Bolen is a valued member of our university community. We are in touch with his family and hopeful for a positive outcome.”

“Today is day three so it’s a, it’s kind of a crucial time,” she said.

The last photo he sent was of him smiling from on top of Boundary Peak in Nevada.

“He’s just, he’s just a really good dad,” said Bolen.