Woman Accused In NW OKC Double Murder Speaks To News 9 From Her Jail Cell

Thursday, July 15th 2021, 5:33 pm


Three people, who are all family members, are in the Oklahoma County jail in connection to a double murder from last week. The woman police arrested at the scene spoke to only News 9 from her jail cell.

“I’m behind bars right now because my brother’s dead for protecting my life,” the suspect said.

Elizette Ferreira, 23, faces a murder complaint after the deaths of her younger brother Eddie Ferreira, 20, and a man who was allegedly attacking her. Her cousins Carlos Marquez and Sergio Marquez were also arrested on murder complaints.

“They all fought for me and my daughter’s life,” said Ferreira.

According to court documents, she told investigators Alex Garcia, 26, came to her northwest Oklahoma City apartment with a large axe. Garcia allegedly told her he was sent there by some females she has had problems with in the past.

Ferreira said she called her brother to help her and sent a text to her best friend, Veronica Woods.

“She was trying to find a way for me to get over there,” Woods said. “Secretly messaged me that she needs help and I didn’t catch on to it.”

Woods thinks her friend acted in self-defense after allegedly watching Garcia shoot her brother.

“He went inside to protect them,” said Woods. “Like her brother is literally her savior.”

According to statements the woman made to police, she killed Garcia with a knife for killing her brother. She went on to say, "she could not allow her brother's murderer to be free."

Police said one of the Marquez brothers was seen on camera carrying a gun at the scene and the brothers at one point exchanged a gun. 

The three family members in jail will now miss the burial of their loved one on Friday.

“I can’t even see my brother who saved my life and see him be buried six feet under, which is unfair,” said Ferreira.

None of the suspects arrested have been formally charged by the district attorney. Police said this is an ongoing investigation.