Oklahoma Mother Giving Daughter Second Chance At Life With Kidney Donation

Tuesday, July 13th 2021, 5:35 pm


One 9-year-old Tulsa girl is here in Oklahoma City waiting on a kidney transplant.

In just a few weeks she will get a second chance at life thanks to a match in her family.

Seven Speights is just like any 9-year-old. She loves dancing on TikTok and coloring. But not every girl her age is spending hours a week receiving dialysis.

"She was completely healthy before," said Seven's mom Natalie Logan.

But in March of 2020 their family's lives shifted.

"She had a UTI that was really hard to treat," said Logan. "Her pediatrician decided to do some lab work."

Logan told News 9 that's when they found out Seven had stage five kidney failure.

She was airlifted to OKC and diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases.

Seven and her family began traveling to OKC multiple times a week for treatment and ultimately had to move from Tulsa.

"With her being healthy before and then having to be hooked up to a machine, it made her very tired," said Logan.

Her mom also said it made her lose weight and was a much different child.

The doctors said Seven had two options, dialysis for the rest of her life or a kidney transplant.

The search for a match didn't take long. Logan started the process in August of 2020 and was officially approved in February.

"For their life to be on the line and for me to have the opportunity, for me to put life back into her, what do you say? Only that it’s a God given responsibility," said Logan.

For Seven this means having a chance at a normal childhood. For her mom it's giving her a chance at getting her daughter back.

"I'm like now I get to have that kid back," said Logan. "I get to have that baby back."

Recovery is expected to take months.

If you would like to help support the family, there is a GoFundMe account set up.