Oklahoma Woman Charged, Accused Of Abusing Her 6-Year-Old Niece

Friday, July 9th 2021, 10:18 pm
By: News 9

A little girl was beaten, burned, and found covered in scars, investigators said.

According to police, she told investigators she suffered an unimaginable abuse while in the care of a relative.

Now her aunt is charged with once count of child abuse.

“They've always just kept to themselves and been very quiet,” said neighbor Linda Pearson.

While Nicky Hill did not come to the door to speak with News 9 her neighbors said Hill and her husband peek out on occasion.

“They just walk by, we say pleasantries, ‘hello, good morning,’ that type of thing,” said Pearson.

Pearson lives next door.

“There was a little girl and a little boy,” said Pearson.

She said Hill told her she was caring for her niece and nephew.

“She was a little doll. I gave her some clothes because I have granddaughters slightly older,” said Pearson.              

According to court records, the children went to live with Hill and her husband in late July 2020 and remained there through December while "their mother tried to get her life together."

But an anonymous note left on a relative's car suggested one of the children was being sexually abused, police went to investigate.

“There was I don’t know half dozen, eight police cars,” said Pearson. 

Police said the allegations were unfounded. Then in 2021, now back in their mother's care, police said the girl was taken to OU Children’s.

“It was learned the child did have injuries consistent with abuse,” said Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Dillon Quirk.

Reports showed her face and body were covered in scars "too numerous to count."

The girl told investigators she was beaten with a cord for misbehaving.

A nurse found she had "multiple looped scars on her legs, arms, buttocks and back," and “was missing sections of her hair."

The girl said her aunt gave her a "perm that burned her head" she said the burning "smelled like fish."

“You're not parenting, you're ruling with fear and intimidation,” said Pearson.