Western Heights School District Reaches End Of 90-Day Probation Period

Thursday, July 8th 2021, 8:04 am


Western Heights Public Schools has officially reached the deadline to make changes before the state’s Board of Education could possibly interfere.

The district was put on a 90-day probation on April 9. The Board of Education sent a notice to Western Heights last month warning of intervention if change weren't made.

The district has received complaints of financial mismanagement of federal money and high rates of staff resignations. Nearly 100 staff have left the district over the past two years.

They've also been criticized for the continued support of district superintendent Mannix Barnes, whose certification was suspended by the state last month.

“He cannot serve as superintendent, currently,” state superintendent Joy Hofmeister said. “I do not know what they have done yet, in terms of that. We have not seen a public meeting that reflects any action yet in response to the suspension by the state Board of Education.”

If the state were to step in, those interventions could include removing accreditation and annexing students to other school districts around the area, or having Western Heights administered by a state-appointed staff.

They could also appoint interim management or a possible liaison.

The state’s Board of Education said they could discuss intervention or loss of accreditation on Monday, July 12.