OKC Care Center's New Facility Nearly Complete

Wednesday, July 7th 2021, 6:06 pm
By: Mike Glover


The CARE Center is Oklahoma County’s only child advocacy center. The organization helps Oklahoma children and families with not only abuse and neglect, but also prevention. 

Getting children to talk about an abusive situation can be a challenge. But at the Care Center they create a caring, supportive, and safe environment for children. 

The agency works with law enforcement, child protective services, district attorneys, medical professionals, mental health professionals, and advocacy personnel. But with only two interview rooms, space is a challenge. 

“The case load, the number of children that need to get in for our services is huge. So, we have a three and a half week waiting list and that means kids that have disclosed abuse, unfortunately are having to wait that whole entire time to tell something horrific that has happened to them and that’s not OK,” said Stacy McNeiland, CEO of the CARE Center. 

So after about five years of research and planning, it was decided a new facility was needed. This new building will triple the amount of space for the agency and increase the number of interview rooms for seeing kids.

More importantly, it will cut the wait time for kids to be seen to 48 hours. 

The new facility will also allow the team of professionals to watch in real time the initial session with the children. 

“So, the child only has to talk about what happened to them one time, and that is really critical to our process,” said McNeiland. 

The new facility is located at 1403 Ashton Place in northeast Oklahoma City and is expected to be completed by the beginning of August.

The team invites the community to schedule an appointment to see the new facility.

“Nothing is better that a site visit. Let me give you a tour of our new facilities,” said McNeiland. 

The CARE Center is a nonprofit and is always in need of support.

To find out more about the agency and how to support, visit their website.