Moore Residents Run For Cover After Neighbor Opens Fire

Monday, July 5th 2021, 9:33 pm
By: Brittany Toolis

MOORE, Oklahoma -

Moore police officers were called to a residential street Sunday night after investigators said a man opened fire on the people living on his block. 

Neighbors told News 9 that their 4th of July celebrations started with family time and fireworks, but it ended with them running for cover.

"Everybody took off inside my house, and the neighbors they went inside their house," a neighbor who witnessed the shots said. The neighbor wished to keep their identity hidden.

Firework wrappers and remnants of the Fourth of July celebrations were seen on the street near Southwest 7th Street and South Telephone Road in Moore. People who live there said their fireworks were interrupted by gunfire around 11 p.m. Sunday. 

One of those who ran for cover recounts when the shots rang out.

"Me, my neighbors, we had some family over. We were outside in the middle of the street shooting off fireworks,” the anonymous neighbor said. “He was pointing at people in the middle of the street and shooting.”

Even though the pop and crack sounds of fireworks were heard around them, the neighbor explained there was no mistaking the sound of gunshots.

"Everybody seen it, too,” the neighbor said. “We could see him on the corner of his house aiming at people, so we knew it was gunfire."

Moore police said a fight between people on the block caused the shots. The suspect was also hit with gunfire in the leg, but police haven't said who fired back. 

The neighbor added that this isn't the first time the suspect has threatened people nearby

"He said something to my neighbors last year about not popping off fireworks and pulled a gun on them then,” the neighbor said.

No one other than the shooter was injured. It's something the neighbor said he's thankful for because of how many people were in the direct line of fire on what is typically a family-friendly holiday.

"I had 10 people at my house, three kids,” the neighbor said. “It was crazy (be)cause we all had kids out here, so that's what we were worried about the most is making sure our kids were OK."

Authorities have not yet released the suspect’s name or condition.