Doctors See Rising Interest For Pediatric Treatment For Transgender Youth

Tuesday, June 29th 2021, 10:36 am
By: Augusta McDonnell

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to review a lower court ruling that struck down a Virginia school board’s policy prohibiting transgender youth from using the bathroom and locker room that reflect their gender identity.

The decision comes after a years-long legal battle. 

In Oklahoma City, doctors who treat gender identity issues are seeing a changing social landscape for transgender youth.

Dr. Shauna Lawlis is an assistant professor pediatrics at OU Children’s Hospital. She said the clinic has seen increases in referrals for gender affirming services since she started at the clinic in 2017. 

Lawlis now runs the Roy G. Biv program that addresses sexuality and gender identity issues. 

She said as public acceptance and care options increased, so have youth seeking services. 

“Most kids know someone else in their school that's trans, and they are more comfortable with it,” she said. 

She works with all types of pediatric patients by treating depression and anxiety as well.

She said broader public acceptance of LGBTQ people help young patients come forward to access services. 

Aydin Goens came out two years ago, and said he has high hopes for how future gender affirming treatments will change his life.

“I can get on testosterone and start becoming the guy that I want to be, and ya know, just be happy, because its been a struggle,” Geons said. 

The Children’s Hospital offers gender affirming treatment and support for families.