Western Heights' School Board Holds First Meeting After Action From State Board Of Education

Monday, June 28th 2021, 8:00 am


The Western Heights Public Schools' school board is meeting with their attorney Monday in a closed door executive session. 

The state Board of Education put the district on a 90-day probation in April, and the district responded by suing the state education department. 

The probation ends on July 8. The state Board of Education is meeting on July 12 to decide whether or not the district has made enough meaningful changes to continue operating with the current administration. 

The Board of Education suspended superintendent credential of Superintendent Mannix Barnes on Thursday, due to complains of financial and internal mismanagement of the district. 

If the state Board of Education decides that the district did not make meaningful efforts to address complaints, they will step in to run Western Heights Public Schools, or pull the district's accreditation.

The main problems include not holding in-person classes for a year, a possible misuse of funds and a staffing shortage.

If the district loses accreditation, the area will be annexed and students will be sent to other schools.

"That is not what we want. We don't want to lose our school. We don't want our kids to go to other districts. We love our small community school, and we're doing everything we can to try to keep it,” said Amy Boone, a Western Heights Public Schools parent. 

The board also approved the state auditor to open an investigation into the school district.

Monday's agenda also includes eight personnel resignations which is on top of 21 staff resignations earlier this month.

The special meeting starts at noon.