WATCH: Deputy Saves 1-Year-Old Girl Who Was Choking During A Traffic Stop

Thursday, June 24th 2021, 10:27 am
By: CBS News

SANTA FE, New Mexico -

Dashcam video from the cruiser of a Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputy shows the quick thinking that saved a 1-year-old’s life.

The incident happened on June 5 when Deputy Sheriff Patrick Ficke said he was conducting a traffic stop on a car that appeared to be driving erratically on Interstate 25.

He said the driver jumped out of the car. Concerned, Ficke jumped out of his patrol unit and ran over.

That’s when the deputy noticed the man’s toddler was choking. After calling for an ambulance, he began performing the Heimlich maneuver for an infant.

“After about 45 seconds to a minute of giving the Heimlich, the Cheeto she was choking on came out, and she started crying where I turned her back up and just tried to comfort her," Ficke said.

The little girl is doing fine. Ficke said he was glad to be there at the right time and to help the child.