Woman Claims She Was Yanked From Watonga Home By Former Police Chief Under Investigation

Wednesday, June 23rd 2021, 8:07 pm

A former Watonga resident said she's the focus of a video sent to News 9.

It showed a woman being violently tossed out of a home. This comes as state investigators dig into the case of the now former Watonga Police Chief Shawn Kays.

Julia Cosby said Kays is the man in the video yanking her from the home.

She said she was not a Watonga native, but moved from Hawaii because previous family members had lived in Oklahoma.

Wednesday, she told News 9 she quickly regretted the decision.

"I was a victim of domestic violence, and the police did not protect me, especially Shawn Kays," said Cosby.

Cosby said prior to the video, Kays had been in contact with her twice. Allegedly he gave her an illegal eviction notice.

"The third instance with him I was going to retrieve my stuff," said Cosby.

Cosby insists she was invited to the home when this happened back in August of 2019. She said she wasn’t doing anything wrong when police showed up.

"The police came, of course, Mr. Kays was not wearing a uniform," Cosby said. "They came inside, and they started putting hands on me."

She said the former chief cursed at her and said he could do whatever he wanted.

"My arm is permanently, I don't even know what to say about it," said Cosby.

She said even today her arm is still injured from the incident, and she was unaware footage of what happened even existed until she saw News 9's previous story on Kays.

She said back in 2019 she gave the Oklahoma State Bureau of Invetigation a statement once she found a safe space to stay outside of Watonga.

Last week the Watonga city manager told News 9 no charges had ever followed the investigation into the video, but the Blaine County DA confirmed they are still reviewing reports and information coming from the OSBI.

"I believe justice is important," said Cosby.

Both the DA and OSBI could not confirm any details or even Cosby's involvement.

Kays was officially fired last week after an emergency protective order was filed against him by a different woman.

A hearing was also held last week in regard to the order, another hearing is scheduled for August.

Court documents show Kays was able to keep his firearms. The Watonga Republican told News 9 that was allowed because Kays owns a security business.

News 9 reached out to an attorney representing Kays, he said at this time they have no comment.