OKC City Council Approves $46.7 Million In Sales Tax Projects For Police Department

Wednesday, June 23rd 2021, 5:21 pm


The Oklahoma City Police Department will see a boost in funding after the city council approved over $47 million in sales tax projects for the department.

Councilmembers voted on the resolution 8 to 1 Tuesday night.

"The residents of Oklahoma City have certainly made public safety a priority," OKC Budget Director Doug Dowler said. "That's shown at the ballot, through this fire and police sales tax."

According to Dowler, the police sales tax funds total around $47 million. 

Some of the major expenses include over $24 million that will go towards paying 219 uniformed officers. Over $12.5 million for a police compensation project, around $2.6 million for non-commissioned support personnel, and another $1.8 million for vehicles and equipment.

"I think it's become fairly routine because there's so much scrutiny on the police and fire sales tax to make sure that those funds are spent in accordance with the ballot," Dowler said.

Dowler also said the funds have come from the voter approved public safety sales tax since 1989.

"Half of that three-quarter cent sales tax is only for use by police," Dowler said. "This resolution was to make sure the things we've programmed to spend that money on are consistent."

There was no discussion on the topic during the city council meeting, as the vote quickly passed.

"The things we can spend the police and fire sales tax money are fairly restricted," Dowler said.