More Than $3,100 Raised In Just A Few Hours For Veteran To Buy New Lawnmower

Sunday, June 20th 2021, 10:20 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Robert Shook said he was on his way home when he saw Richard, a Vietnam veteran on his electric scooter, pushing his mower with one hand. 

Shook immediately offered to help, but Richard declined, saying it's one of the things he can still do by himself. 

"That was kind of like a ton of bricks hitting me because people complain about everything and he's out here giving it everything he's got to mow his own yard," Shook said. 

Shook said he went home that night and couldn't stop thinking about it, knowing he had to help in some way. 

He decided to start a GoFundMe. Within 18 hours, he raised $3,100, which is enough to buy Richard a new riding lawnmower. 

"It gives you hope, that there's still a bunch of good people out there," Richard said. 

Shook said he's so grateful for how the community has stepped up to donate and help, especially to someone who has done so much for his country.

"He gave everything,” Shook said. “He's got (sic) for our freedom, so I thought it was the least we could do as a community to help him.”

It was an emotional moment when Shook told Richard that he would be getting a new lawnmower. 

Shook said this is a reminder that it's always great to help others when you can. 

"If you see somebody struggling and you can help, help,” Shook said. “Stop and talk. I mean, sometimes all someone needs is a friend.” 

Shook said he picked out the new mower and plans to take it to Richard this week.