Local Marina, Make-A-Wish Oklahoma Grant Wish For Tulsa 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Wednesday, June 16th 2021, 6:21 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

A 12-year-old Tulsa boy who has cancer had one simple wish: a boat ride to enjoy the lake. Wednesday, he got his wish.

Peyton said he was so nervous while he was walking out to the dock but then he saw everyone cheering him on and saw the boat. He also saw something extra special. The boat has been named “Laura” after Peyton’s nurse, which made his day.

Peyton has been battling T-Cell Lymphoma since 2017, but you wouldn’t know it today. Peyton couldn’t stop smiling.

“It’s crazy, I’m just so excited to get out on the lake and have some fun,” said Peyton.

The Pier 51 Marina and Make-a-Wish Foundation gave Peyton the VIP treatment with boat passes and gas money so he and his family can enjoy the lake all summer long.

Peyton said he loves being on the water, whether it is fishing, tubing or swimming.

The Make-A-Wish foundation called the general manager at Pier 51 at Keystone, Sean Adair, and the two came up with a way to grant Peyton’s wish.

“This stuff is awesome, this is stuff you wish you could do every day,” said Adair. “So, to just be a part of it, to make just one difference in somebody’s life, this is going to last with him forever and his family. That’s what we are about, to make memories for people.”

Peyton was given 25 free boat rental passes, $1,500 in gas money and other presents. Peyton also brought his whole family with him.

“It seems like this was just the perfect fit for him,” Katie Iannazzo with Make-A-Wish Oklahoma said. “Some kids, Disney World is the perfect fit but for other kids, getting to be out on the lake with their family and go tubing and fishing, that’s what brings him joy. That’s our job is to bring kids hope strength and joy.”

Peyton didn’t wait long to put the boat to use. They went right out to the lake and started swimming.

“I’m super thankful to everybody,” said Peyton.

Peyton is now in remission and he plans to spend as much time as he can on the water.