OCSO Cold Case Task Force Announces New Details In 25-Year-Old Murder Case

Wednesday, June 16th 2021, 4:07 pm


The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office announced on Wednesday its cold case task force has uncovered new information about a 25-year-old unsolved murder.

The task force reopened 43-year-old Eddie Trotter’s 1996 case. They have since narrowed the suspect list down to at least two people and are confident the case will be solved soon.

Trotter’s daughter, Cristalle Pelfrey was only 17 years old when her father went missing in June 1996.

“It’s not been forgotten,” Pelfrey said. “It may have been 25 years, but it’s been 25 years of tears and a hole in your heart.”

Trotter's badly decomposed body was discovered about 73 hours after his death in a wooded area in Jones near his home. Investigators at the time discovered a weapon was missing from Trotter’s gun cabinet. After pouring over boxes of evidence, the task force has determined someone loaded the gun with antique ammo, killed the 43-year-old man and hid the weapon.

“The weapon used is most likely going to be a weapon of opportunity,” said Capt. Shawn Shelby, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.  

Pelfrey said her father had a wide circle of friends and was hanging out with people she did not trust. Authorities said several of them know exactly what happened to Trotter. 

“I’m not asking to punish someone,” said Pelfrey. “I honestly just want answers.”  

She has gone more than two decades without closure and years of missed holidays and special occasions without her father. Pelfrey said she cherishes the memories of Trotter and has something else to keep her father’s legacy alive.

“My son looks so much like his grandfather and it’s beautiful,” said Pelfrey. “It’s wonderful because I feel like I have a piece of him here.”

She remains hopeful investigators will be able to close a chapter that has been open for 25 years.

“I’m just looking forward to having that peace,” said Pelfrey.

Anyone with information that can help investigators on this case is asked to call 405-869-2522.