Sperry Man In ICU After Being Shot Several Times On Walking Trail

Monday, June 14th 2021, 9:20 pm

SPERRY, Oklahoma -

A Sperry man is in ICU after his sister said he was shot several times while walking on a Green Country trail. She said nobody has been arrested yet.

Victoria Wensman said her little brother Colby Wensman is an innocent victim and now they want answers.

Victoria said Colby lives right by the Osage Trail near Sperry, and said Colby often walks by the trail to make sure it's safe for his family.

"He was protecting his area to make sure, because they've had so many issues," said Victoria.

Victoria said Colby was out there on Saturday, when three men approached him, one on a skateboard, one in skates and one on a bike.

She said the men shot Colby several times and left him to die. She said Colby had been carrying an unloaded gun and it was gone when investigators arrived.

"Six casings means they were shooting to kill, not to scare anybody," she said.

Colby was shot in the head, stomach, and leg. Victoria said her brother tells her he didn't know the men and she has no idea why they did this to him.

"He is somebody's brother, boyfriend, family member," said Victoria.

Victoria said there have been many problems and crimes committed on the trail recently and she wants this taken seriously.

"There should have been a notification to the public that there were armed men out there," Victoria said.

Victoria said her brother is carefree and charismatic and she's relieved he's expected to live. But she just wants justice - and answers - as to how this all happened.

"It was a brutal crime," Wensman said. "He's going to be OK, but it's going to be a long road."

The FBI has taken over this investigation because Colby is Native American. If you have any information on this shooting, or video, you're asked to call, 1-800-CALL-FBI.