DeadCenter Film Festival Bigger Than Ever For 2021

Thursday, June 10th 2021, 7:49 pm


The deadCenter film festival is Oklahoma’s largest and most celebrated film festival. The name "deadCenter" refers to Oklahoma City, the "dead center" of the United States, and the "dead center" of the state, at the “dead center” of the calendar year. 

This year’s festival runs from June 10 to the 20th. After a year that sent us into “virtual overload,” Oklahoman’s are excited about this year’s festival. 

“We’re doing somethings a little different. For the first four days of the festival, we’ve got a bunch of in person events,” Alyx Picard Davis, the executive director for the festival said.

At the in-person screenings, viewers will have the opportunity to dialog with the film makers. 

Along with the films and the in-person events Davis is excited about bringing people back together.

“We’re bringing back some after parties, bringing back happy hours, and trying to get people out,” Davis said. 

This year because of the booming film industry in Oklahoma, they will show a record breaking 180 films. 

“This year you can buy a virtual pass on our website, it’s $100, and it gets you 10 days of access to all those films,” Davis said.

There are other packages available. 

The economic impact of the festival is huge.

“In 2019 deadCenter had an impact of $5.5 million.” Maranda Patton, director of operations for the festival said. “Of course, last year with everyone stuck in their homes, it was a little bit lower, but we’ve come up with some creative ways to bring that back. 

Benjamin Tefera directed the film “Feel So Good.” He said they submitted the film last year, with a very small budget, and had so much success, they revamped the film and resubmitted it for this year’s festival. 

“Feel So Good” is a film made right here in OKC.” Tefera said. “It’s about a desperate hypnotist who uses people to unknowingly perform crimes under duress.”

The in-person events will enforce social distancing, but mask will be worn at the viewer’s comfort level.

There are three venues for the live events, The Tower Theater, The Oklahoma City Museum of Art, and Rodeo Cinema on film row. 

Dates and times can be found here on the festival’s website.