2 OESC Employees Fired After Racially Insensitive Comment During Phone Call

Wednesday, June 9th 2021, 10:18 pm


Two state employees are out of work after making racially insensitive statements over an open phone line.

The man who made the call said he was shocked and disgusted.

Trenton Thomas said he called the agency to check on the status of his unemployment claim when a disgruntled employee unbeknownst to her picked up the line.

Seconds into the call to Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, Thomas thought he might have dialed the wrong number.

“She picked up the phone and said, “I can’t hear a f----- thing on this phone. Today is the worst f----- day of my life,’” said Thomas.

Thomas said he started recording as two employees started bashing their bosses.

“She’s on the phone talking about, ‘My supervisors they’re not good. I can’t talk to my supervisors, they don’t listen to a d--- thing we say,’” said Thomas.

Then seconds later one of the employees said she plans to ask a supervisor if she and her colleague can work in the same office but claims their race could be an issue. 

OESC Employee 1: If they put us in opposite wings I’m going to say why? Because we're friends?     

OESC Employee 2: It's because we're not Black.     

OESC Employee 1: True. True. True. True.    

Then after realizing she was on the line the employee abruptly hung up.

Thomas called back and said he got the runaround.

But after investigating and tracking down the calls the OESC fired the two employees saying in part:

"Under no circumstance is what happened today acceptable,” and "This behavior is not and will never be tolerated at OESC.”

Thomas and his wife said no apology can lessen the sting.

“Those words are going to stick with me for the rest of my life because those three words that's true, that's true, that's true, was just so haunting to me,” said Thomas.

OESC also said it will take measures to ensure this doesn't happen again.