Metro Tech, DeadCenter Film Festival Partner To Teach Film Techniques To High School Students

Wednesday, June 9th 2021, 7:21 pm

With the film industry on the rise in Oklahoma, the workforce demand will continue to increase. To address this need, Metro Technology Centers and deadCenter Film Festival have partnered to create deadCenter University. 

DeadCenter university is a two-day, intensive film program.

It was started seven years ago to give high school students hands-on experience with award-winning professionals in the film industry. 

“We have this packed full of talent—industry leaders coming and working with 70 to 80 students from all over the state,” said Harry Wolohon, director of deadCenter University and an instructor at Metro Tech.

Students will learn all types of techniques from industry experts, including a professional lighting technician.

“He’s going to teach students how to light a car in a studio and make it look like it’s moving down the street,” said Wolohon. 

This is not just a classroom setting. Students will get hands-on experience with actual film equipment. 

“They are getting a chance to work with a cinema camera,” Wolohon said. “These are the same cameras that have filmed the Marvel movies and all these big feature films.” 

In the past, this opportunity has opened doors for some of Oklahoma’s young filmmakers.

“We’ve had students get into our local film festival with deadCenter at a very young age,” Wolohon said. “I think we had some of our youngest entry-level students get films into deadCenter last year at age 14.” 

Wolohon added that some of the young students have already reached audiences worldwide. 

The program is completely free for high school students. The 2021 season is already full, but registration for next year will begin in March.