Registered Sex Offender Arrested, Accused Of Lewd Acts With Children

Tuesday, June 8th 2021, 10:07 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

JONES, Oklahoma -

A registered sex offender in Jones is behind bars, accused of molesting two boys who ran away from a boys home.

Neighbors told News 9 they were wary about the suspect's behavior and said 74-year-old Ronald Deal made them uneasy.

Records show he is a registered sex offender who was convicted in 2008.

“He seems to want to keep to himself and very private,” said neighbor Raylene Dunham.

According to court filings, Deal touched two 14-year-old boys who showed up on his doorstep after running away from Speck Homes for boys in Oklahoma City back in January.

The victims told police they knocked on random doors to find shelter from bad weather when Deal invited them in.

The boys told police Deal offered them alcohol, and "sexually acted out on them," they described Deal as "wrinkly." One victim said when Deal tried to rape him he "was crying and trying to keep his eyes shut," according to the court documents.  

Dunham lives across the street from Deal.

“He seemed a little strange because he doesn’t speak to anybody, but you do see him lurking,” said Dunham.

She said while he doesn't visit with adults on the street, he's been known to make comments to children in the area.

“Oh, you're really pretty and they are like 12,” said Dunham.  

Dunham said just a few weeks ago police came looking for her neighbor.

“They said SWAT was here surrounding the area,” said Dunham.

Deal was placed under arrest. When questioned, documents show Deal admitted to "sleeping naked with the boys" in his home but said "I in no way forced myself on them."

Deal is charged with four counts of lewd acts with a child.

According to the director of the children's home, Speck Homes can't legally force the children to remain at the shelter since they aren't juvenile delinquents.