Coaches, Fans Express Concerns Over WCWS Game Delays & Scheduling

Monday, June 7th 2021, 6:01 pm

The weather, as big of a story as any at this year's Women’s College World Series. A wet weekend pushed both OU and OSU's games well into the night. It didn't sit well with fans for either team.

USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium saw 13,000 fans in attendance for one of the biggest sport weekends in the metro. Though the last few days brought home runs and big plays, it also brought rain, causing some games to be delayed.

"As it started to get a little later, I kind of felt like we may not play because you know we got these different things that we go by," said Kenny Gajewski, Oklahoma State Softball Coach.

As storms passed through, it forced some teams to play the waiting game.

"Thought we'd be hanging out for about a half hour," Gajewski said. "I got a text that we had lightening."

Players from both OSU and Florida State didn't hit the diamond until close to midnight, meaning their game didn't end until after 2 a.m.

"Having these guys get home at three in the morning and then prepare for the next day, it completely throws off your rhythm of sleep, of hydration," said Patty Gasso, Oklahoma Head Softball Coach.

Fans agreed on Twitter.

"...These young ladies were TIRED! Accommodations need to be made next year and in future years for unforeseen weather delays," one person wrote.

"This game 3 weather delay means I'm going to be watching softball until 2am," another said.

Gasso said playing that late becomes difficult for everyone. She hopes something like this doesn't happen again.

"If we're about the welfare of the student athlete, that's what is being preached to all of us, then do something," said Gasso.