OKC Gets Rid Of Some Occupational License Requirements

Tuesday, May 25th 2021, 6:15 pm
By: Karl Torp


Oklahoma City is taking a closer look at its laws on the books and has realized some of them need to go.

Tuesday, the OKC mayor and city council got rid of 16 of the city’s 19 occupational licenses, calling them a form of government overreach.

Until today, City Hall expected auctioneers, junk collectors and boiler operators to come downtown and get an occupational license from the city.

“They were more just a nuisance. They were not justified,” said Mayor David Holt, who wrote the ordinance.

The city admits it wasn't getting rich from charging $12 to $91 for the licenses.

Around $9,500 was earned annually.

“If it’s to protect the health and safety of our community then it’s appropriate,” said Holt.

Some door to door sales people and ice cream truck drivers still need to get an occupational license from OKC because it requires a background check.

Holt said it lessens the burden on entrepreneurs.