Play Area Opens At Mother Road Market in Partnership With Seeking Sitters

Tuesday, May 18th 2021, 5:30 pm
By: Amy Avery

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A play area for children opened Tuesday at Mother Road Market that will eventually allow kids to explore while parents get their food.  

Children can play in the new "Kids Corner," thanks to a collaboration with Seeking Sitters. 

Three-year-old Vanessa Xiong explored the new space, which is open, but not quite full of activities just yet.  

"She's very outgoing, very outspoken and she has a big imagination,” her mother, Za, said.  

Seeking Sitters CEO and Founder Adrienne Kallweit said the Farmer's Market area will allow kids to shop on their own.  

"They can pretend to do transactions. They can pretend that they are shopping,” Kallweit said.  

Soon there will be toys, books, pillows, and play food at the Kids Corner. But not until Mother Road Market is back to 100 percent capacity, which it hopes will happen in early summer. A spokesperson for Mother Road Market said it is currently operating at 75 percent capacity due to COVID-19.

Kallweit said the corner would have fully opened last May, if it weren't for the pandemic, and plans to bring back one important feature. With tables right near the play area, parents can keep an eye on their kids while they eat. But Kallweit hopes soon, parents will also be able to step away, when a sitter is on site.  

"Before we did have little small playtimes where you could have a moment where you could drop your kiddo off and go grab your food and come back, as long as you're in connection with the sitter that is at the space,” Kallweit said.  

"That's wonderful. I need that. I'm a stay-at-home mom and I love that,” Xiong said.  

The Kids Corner will also offer times for crafts and reading. Kallweit said the best way to keep up with the different times that will be offered is to look at the Mother Road Market event calendar and the Seeking Sitters Facebook page.