Man In Custody After Standoff With Tulsa Police

Monday, May 17th 2021, 4:47 am
By: Brooke Griffin

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A man is in custody after Tulsa police say he was the center of a standoff late Sunday night. They say he appeared to be on PCP when they pulled him over and they later found a vial of the drug in his car.

Responding Tulsa Police Officers say around 11:30 p.m. Sunday night they saw a car near 41st and Riverside that was swerving all over the road, so they decided to pull the driver over. They tell us he ended up jumping the curb and landing on the sidewalk but wouldn’t get out of his car when told to.

Police say they eventually broke out the passenger window with a bean bag and started to shoot pepper balls at the car. Police say this is when the man got out of the car for a few seconds, then decided to get back in the car, but a bit later got out yet again and police were able to get him on the ground to cuff him and take him into custody.

Police told News On 6 that he was taken to the hospital with a police escort for a gash on his elbow that seemed to have had stitches ripped out when he was on the ground. Police say he tried to lurch at one of the EMSA workers during the ride, but police say they shut that down quickly and continued the trip to the hospital.

TPD said they found a vial of PCP in his car when they searched it and believe he was currently on the drug.

Police say once he is out of the hospital he will immediately be taken to jail and booked.