Some Women Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Due To Internet Rumors

Sunday, May 16th 2021, 2:58 pm
By: Emory Bryan

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Physicians in Tulsa worry more women who are pregnant or hope to be soon, are refusing the Covid vaccine because of false stories of complications.

Research is ongoing with the vaccine and pregnancy, but with thousands of doses given to pregnant women, there are no signs of adverse effects for women or their children. Tulsa resident Renell Christmas said she had Covid when she was 19 weeks along in her pregnancy, but she and the baby, now six months old, are fine. Despite having had the infection, she’s not planning to get the vaccine. “My family and I just feel like it's unnecessary. If Covid is going to be around, it's going to mutate and the vaccine probably doesn't even fight against the mutation of the virus” she said, repeating what scientists say is false information. Data shows all three vaccines available in the U.S. are effective against Covid, including mutations.

Doctor Laurel Williston says she’s heard plenty of concerns from young women in her family practice in Tulsa at Ascension Medical Group, and while some do refuse the vaccine, she generally recommends they take it. “We have to meet them where they are and help them make a good decision,” she said.

Doctor Jennifer Clark, a Covid-19 consultant with OSU’s Project Echo, said both women and their babies face much greater chances of complications from Covid, than they do from the vaccine. “Particularly long haul Covid has a far greater risk of problems with fertility, pregnancy, and lactation,” she said.

The most current research on Covid and pregnancy show pregnant women with covid have an increased risk of severe illness, hospitalization. death and pre-term delivery. The vaccine data shows almost complete protection against severe illness, with no safety issues noted for pregnant women, and no indications of any effect on fertility.