Edmond Elementary Students Taken To Hospital After Ingesting Medical Marijuana Edibles

Thursday, May 13th 2021, 4:21 pm
By: Anjelicia Bruton

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

Two Edmond elementary school students were sent to the hospital after eating medical marijuana edibles. 

An investigation uncovered a group chat involving several students at Sunset Elementary looking to get their hands on edible marijuana. The drug made its way on the school's campus when a student messaged back saying they would bring some with them to school.

“A fourth grade girl came to the office and was complaining and said she didn't feel very well. She reported that she had eaten an edible that was given to her by another fourth grade student, a friend who brought it to school,” said Susan Parks-Schlepp, Edmond Public Schools spokeswoman.

That student along with another fourth grader was taken to the hospital and were released.

Dr. Ryan Brown with OU Children's Hospital said cases like this are very common.

“We don't normally get kids that have ingested like a joint or such. It's usually something in the form of cookies or candy or gummies or chips,” Brown said.

Brown said almost on a daily basis, kids are coming in that have ingested some form of marijuana or THC.

“Most of the THC products out there are designed and packaged and are formulated for adults. A kid can get more of a headache, they can get more insomnia, they can throw up because their more sick from it. If in large amounts, it can actually be lethal,” Brown said.

District officials said there were consequences for the students involved. Sunset Elementary also sent letters home to parents of two fourth grade classes, pleading with parents to educate their students on what medical marijuana is and to keep out of reach of children.

Edmond police is conducting an investigation to ensure the welfare of the students involved. DHS is also looking into the case.